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Zenterprises offers trade show and event exhibits to match any size and budget, ranging from small booths and Large booths to Single Story, Double Story and large-scale exhibits.

Zenterprises exhibits are known for their high quality, great design, cost-saving portability, and innovative functionality.
Offers Several Options for Exhibiting & Btl, Solutions and Services at Affordable Rates.

The Plans Include for you.

  • Stall Fabrication & Design
  • Event Management
  • Exhibition
  • Interior Design
  • Exterior Design
  • Modern Kitchen Design
  • Concert & Melas
  • Road Shows
  • Float Activities
  • Stall Operations
  • Brand Launching
  • Free Sampling 
Zenterpriese history of creativity, innovation, and performance including Best of Show at Exhibitor Show and TS2. Zenterprises as a very professional company that knows everything you probably don't know about trade shows.
Client: Helix Pharma Venue1: PC Hotel Lahore Venue2: PC Hotel Bhoorban